May 14, 2013 with Destroy This Place


Destroy This Place celebrated the release of their brand new full length by spending a night playing some of their favorite tunes from their record collection, showcasing their crunchy guitar-driven heroes and peers, along with some old school surprises like Run DMC and Megadeath.  The guys had to leave a little early because Alfred showed up, so the last hour or so is just me flying solo. Listen below!

Dave Lawson (D) with Ryan (R), John (J) and Monday (M) of Destroy This Place

Sebadoh – Gimme Indie Rock (D)
Folk Implosion – Insinuation (D)
Swearin’ – Kenosha (R)
Bob Mould – Star Machine (J)
Smoking Popes – Let’s Hear It for Love (D)

Cheatahs – The Swan (R)
Minutemen – Sell or Be Sold (J)
Cornelius – 123456 (D)
Roomrunner – Super Vauge (R)
Wild Flag – Electric Band (J)
Supergrass – Cheapskate (D)
Chavez – We Must Be Stopped (R)
The Make Up – I Want Some (M)
Sloan – Jenny (J)
Sloan – Dignified and Old (D)
Hardship Post – Watchin’ You (R)
Versus B-9 (M)
Bettie Serveert – Kids Alright (J)
The Coasters – Down in Mexico (D)
Black Flag – Wasted (R)
Sparks – Mustache (D)
Echo and the Bunnymen – Never Stop (M)
The Clash – Striaght to Hell (J)
Otis Redding – Shout Bamalama (D)
Gang of Four – Natural’s Not In (R)dtp-tape Slant 6 – What Kind of Monster Are You? (M)
Dinosaur Jr – Just Like Heaven (J)
Lilys – A Nanny in Manhattan (D)
Hot Snakes – Paid in Cigarettes (R)
Blonde Redhead – Water (M)
Swervedriver – Son of Mustang Ford (J)
Apples in Stereo – Same Old Drag (D)
Ride – Vapour Trail (R)
Prima Donnas – Break Your Fuckin Head (M)
Beastie Boys – She’s On It (J)
Etta James and Sugar Pie Desanta – In the Basement (D)
Elvis Costello – Clubland (R)
The Make Up – Free Arthur Lee (M)
Joe Jackson – I’m the Man (J)
Belle and Sebastian – La Pastie de la Bourgousie (D)
REM – Exhuming McCarthy (R)
Godzuki – Gleason Rocket (M)
Cat Power – American Flag (J)
Air – Radio #1 (D)
Wipers – Mystery (R)
Wu Tang Clan – Cream (M)
Naked Raygun – I Don’t Know (J)
Built to Spill – Sick and Wrong (D)
Superchunk – Hyper Enough (R)dtp-poserecords Stereolab – Les V Per Sound (M)
Love Battery – Out of Focus (J)
Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice (R)
Trans Am – Firepoker (M)
Montrose – Rock the Nation (J)
Destroy This Place – Graves (R)
Weezer – No One Else (D)
Yes – Roundabount (R)
Megadeath – Peace Sells (J)
Jesus Lizard – Fly on the Wall (M)
Slayer – Ghost of War (J)
Soundgarden – Spoonman (D)
The Arbors – I Can’t Quit Her (D)
The Jayhawks – I’d Run Away (D)
Len Barry – 123 (D)
JJ Barnes – I Think I Found a Love (D)
Grady Martin and His Guitar – The Fuzz (D)
The Animated Egg – Sock It My Way (D)
Miles Davis – Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (D)
The Diamonds – Strollin’ (D)
Hank Marr – Marsanova (D)
Rudy Ray Moore – The Buggy Ride (D)
ELO – Rock’n’Roll Is King (D)
El Pauling and Royal Abbit – Jailbird (D)
Mike Pedicin – Burnt Toast and Black Coffee (D)
Jack Tucker – Crazy Do (D)
Chuck Berry – Downbound Train (D)
Phil Harris – Run Red Run (D)
Roger Miller – Chug-a-lug (D)
Willie Nelson – I Gotta Get Drunk (D)
The Coasters – Soul Pad (D)
Fiona Apple – Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song) (D)
The Precisions – Never Let Her Go (D)
Freddie Hughes – Send My Baby Back (D)
\Lee Dorsey – Cynthia (D)
Todd Rundgren – I Saw the Light (D)
Flying Burrito Brothers – Older Guys (D)
Ben Folds Five – Kate (D)
Wilco – When You Wake Up Feeling Old (D)
Yo La Tengo – If It’s True (D)
Elliott Smith – Question Mark (D)They Might Be Giants – Whistling in the Dark (D)
Pinocchio – Give a Little Whistle (D)
Patsy Cline – Crazy (D)
Bessie Banks – It Sounds Like My Baby (D)

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