December 1, 2015 – All Detroit Soul with Nick Soule

itf-nicksoulePeoples Records employee and first-time guest Nick Soule joined me for a fantastic night of all Detroit soul music. Nick has a great collection of hard-to-find treasures, and the mix turned out great. Enjoy it below!


TUESDAY IN THE FOREST – December 1, 2015
Dave Lawson (D) and Nick Soule (N)

The Magnificent Men – The Groove (D)
Jimmy Soul Clark – That Ain’t Cool (N)
Dee Edwards – You Say You love Me (D)
Timmy Willis – I’m Wondering (N)
Marv Johnson – With All That’s in Me (D)
Spyder Turner – Ride in the 225 (N)
The Martiniques – Tonight Is Just Another Night (D)
Roy Major – Trying to Find a Way (N)
J. J. Barnes – Just One More Time (D)
Tobi Lark – Talkin’ About Love (N)
The Volumes – You Got It Baby (D)
Johnnie Mae Matthews – Don’t Talk About My Man (N)
The Freeman Brothers – My Baby (D)
Theresa Lindsey – It’s Long (N)
Johnny and Jackey – Baby Don’t You Worry (D)
Dewight “Spider” Turner – You’re Along (N)
Gino Parks – Same Thing (D)
Betty Lavett – I Feel Good (All Over) (N)
Cornell Blakely – Don’t Do It (D)
Lee Rogers – Walk on By (N)
Don Hart and James Shorter – It’s In My Mind (D)
The Masqueraders – One More Chance (N)
The Temptations – Dream Come True (D)
The Technics – Hey Girl Don’t Leave Me (N)
Four Hollidays – Step By Step (D)
Emanuel Laskey – Lucky To Be Loved (By You) (N)
The Wonderettes – I Feel Strange (D)
Dee Edwards – All The Way Home (N)
Edwin Starr – Girls Are Getting Prettier (D)
Darrell Banks – Angel Baby (Don’t You Leave Me) (N)
The Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore at Me (D)
Jo Armstead – I Feel an Urge Coming On (N)
Aretha Franklin – Soulville (D)
Cody Black – Too Many Irons in the Fire (N)
Sammy Ward – Don’t Take It Away (D)
Freddy Butler – Pitter Pattern (N)
Fabulous Peps – I Can’t Get Right (D)
The Masqueraders – I’m Gonna Make It (N)
The Spinners – Heebie Jeebies (D)
Alberta Adams – I Got a Feeling (N)
Harvey and the Moonglows – Mama Loochie (D)
Buddy Lamp – Save Your Love (N)
Gene Chandler – Buddy Ain’t It a Shame (D)
Louis Curry – I’ll Try Again Tomorrow (N)
Originals – Suspicion (D)
Bobby Smith – Walk On Into My Heart (N)
Fabulous Peps – She’s Going to Leave You (D)
Falcons – I Found a Love (N)
Falcons – You’re So Fine (D)
Silky Hargraves – Hurt by Love (N)
Little Stevie Wonder – Contract on Love (D)
The Holidays – I’ll Love You Forever (N)
Bobby Smith and the Spinners – She Don’t Love Me (D)
The Precisions – My Lover Come Back (N)
Little Eddie and the Don Juans – Calypso Beat (D)
Fantastic Four – As Long As I Live (I Live for You) (N)
Pat Lewis – Look at What I Almost Missed (D)
Clifford Bunn – You’ve Got to Help Me (N)
LaBrenda Ben and the Beljeans – The Chaperone (D)
Derek Martin – Sly Girl (N)
Isley Brothers – Why When Love Is Gone (D)
Tommy Neal – Goin’ to a Happening (N)
Bobby Taylor – Oh I’ve Been Blessed (D)
Ronnie and Robin – Sidra’s Theme (N)
Jamo Thomas – Stop the Baby (D)
Jackie and the Townets – You Gotta Choose (N)
Arabians – Love shack (D)
The Sequins – Try my Love (N)
Barbara Green – I Should Have Treated You Right (D)
Ruby Yates – It’s Been a Long Time (N)
Jimmy Holland – Sugar Baby (D)
Falcons – Has It Happened to You Yet (N)
Nolan Strong – My Heart Will Always Belong to You (D)
The Fortunes Bravos – One Stop (N)
The Temptations – I Want a Love I Can See (D)
Ronnie SHannan – Determinatino (N)
Magic Tones – Great Day (D)
Buddy Smith – When You Lose the One You Love (N)
The Profiles – If I DIdn’t Love You (D)
Steve Mancha – A Love Like Yours (N)
Shorty Long – Your Love Is Amazing (D)
Darrell Banks – Open the Door to Your Heart (N)
J.J. Barnes – Our Love Is in the Pocket (D)
Ann Perry – That’s the Way He Is (N)
The Velvelettes – A Bird in the Hand (Is Worth Two in the Bush) (D)
Micki Farrow – Set My Heart at Ease (N)
Gino Washington – I’m a Coward (D)
Jumping Gino Washington – Around the Town (N)
Joe Weaver and the Blue Note oRchestra – It Must Be Love (D)
Wilson Pickett – Let Me Be Your Boy (N)
Erma Franklin – Don’t Wait Too Long (D)
Martha Star – Love Is the Only Solution (N)
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters – Float (D)
Dee Edwards – Oh What a Party (N)
Wilson Pickett – Baby Call on Me (D)
Intl Kansas City Playboys – Quittin’ Time (N)
The Capitols – We Got a Thing That’s in the Groove (D)
Ruby Andrews – You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide) (N)
J.J. Barnes – Won’t You Let Me Know (D)
Mack Rice – Baby I’m Coming Home (N)
Willie Jones – Where’s My Money (D)
Dusty Wilson – Can’t Do Without You (N)
The Contours – Whole Lotta Woman (D)
Tony Clarke – Love Must Be Taboo To Me (N)
Eddie Kirk – The Grunt (D)
The Superlatives – I Don’t Know How (to Fuckin’ Say I Love You) (N)
David Ruffin – You Can Come Right Back to Me (D)
The Masqueraders – How (N)
The Mynah Birds – It’s My Time (D)
Rose Batiste – I Can’t Leave You (N)
The Debonaires – Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie (D)
Jimmy Scott – It Rained 40 Days and Nights (N)
Richard Wynie – Money (D)
Johnnie Mae Matthews – My Destination (Is True Love) (N)
Lee Rogers – You’re the Cream of the Crop (D)
Neil Reed – Not As Beautiful as You (N)
Ronnie Love – Detroit, Michigan (D)
Johnny Mae Matthews – I Have No Choice (N)
Eddie Floyd – I’ll Be Home (D)
Bob and Fred – I’ll Be on My Way (N)
Nolan Strong and the Diablos – The Wind (D)

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