April 30, 2013 with Scotty Hagen (Made in Michigan Edition)

scottyanddouchebagScotty Hagen, the man behind Bellyache Records and manager at UHF record store, proposed the theme of this night: all music from Michigan. Scotty and I both stuck to the Michigan theme -all night long, with Scotty leaning more to the present and me leaning more to the past (but with many exceptions for both of us). All in all, a super fun night and a testament to the bottomless amount of great music that has come out of Detroit. Enjoy!

TUESDAY IN THE FOREST – April 30, 2013
Made in Michigan Edition
Dave Lawson (D) and Scotty Hagen (S)

Pre-Party: Volebeats self-titled LP, sides A and B

Little Stevie Wonder – Sunset (D)

Betty Lavette – Heart of Gold (D)scottydj

Erik and the Vikings – Vibrations (D)
The Temptations – Dream Come True (D)
Ty Hunter – Free (D)
Johnny and Jackey – Someday We’ll Be Together (D)
Roddie Joy – Come Back Baby (D)
The Rants – Off Axis June (D)
Barrett Strong – Misery (D)
The Muggs – Get It On (S)
Shadows of Knight – Shake (D)
3D Invisibles – Graveyard Rockin (S)
The Wanted – In the Midnight Hour (D)
Alice Cooper – You Drive Me Nervous (S)
The Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore at Me (D)scotty-tape
Fortune and Maltese – Don’t Mind If I Do (S)
The Dynamics – Misery (D)
Fortune and Maltese – Kent Bergeund (S)
SRC – Up All Night (D)
The Temptations – Psychedelic Shack (S)
Stevie Wonder – Everytime I See You I Go Wild (D)
The Octopus – Medium-Cool (S)
Chuck and Cleo – Baby (D)
Sppedy Greasy – Rock’n’Roll Records (S)
Tammi Terrell – This Old Heart of Mine (D)
Clone Defects – Mars (S)Old Spice – Trendy Girl (D)
Hard Lessons – Gateway City (S)
Great Lakes Myth Society – Queen of the Barley Fool (D)
Fawn – Infatuation (S)
Copper Thieves – Uptight (D)
Fur – Prince Edgar (S)
Ides of Time – K-Car for Sale (D)
Hounds Below – Hey! Kids (S)
Tommy James and the Shondells – Run Run Baby Run (D)
Flint Eastwood – Secretary (S)
Hank Ballard – How Do You Get Respect (D)
Betty Cooper – Let’s Pretend Another Night (S)
Kickstand Band – So Long Suzie (D)
Pewter Cub – Not Mine (S)
The Young Sisters – Casanova Brown (D)
Pewter Cub – Next (S)
The Capitals – Wild Thing (D)
Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms – Why Can’t I Sleep (S)
Brad Allen – You Are the One (D)
Destroy This Place – Defeated (S)
Cloud Far – Forchan (D)
Destroy This Place – Graves (S)
Arranged Marriage – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (D)
Big Mess – Middle Earth (S)
Sisters Lucas – To What and What Of (D)
Voyag3r – Victory In the Battle Chamber (S)
Channel One – Technicolor (D)
Voyag3r – Hunted Becomes the Hunter (S)
Leo Talboy – Detroit Memories (D)
Nice Hooves – White Knuckle (S)
Don and Juan – Pot Luck (D)
The Octopus – Retributor (S)
Del Shannon – Move It on Over (D)
Duende and Passalacqua – Detroit J (S)
The Triggers – Audi5000 (D)
The Hentchmen – Wild Wild Lover (S)
Outrageous Cherry – Evberyday I Fall in Love (D)
The Paybacks – Tie Me in a Knot (S)
Zoos of Berlin – Electrical Way (D)
Child Bite – My War (S)
Tim Tam and the Turn Ons – Wait a Minute (D)
The Go – I’m a Dot in Place (S)
Javelins – The Pounding (D)
Duendo – Hard Travelin (S)
Marshall Crendshaw – Our Town (D)
See Dick Run – Pearl (S)
The Shy Guys – Lay It on Me (D)
Betty Cooper – No Luck (S)
Cranbrook Academy of Art Mystery 45 – “In Cold Blood”? (D)
Alice Cooper – Gutter Cat vs the Jets (S)
Lonette – Stop (Don’t Worry About It) (D)
Gore Gore Girls – Evil Grows (S)
Shadow of Knight – Dark Side (D)
The Up – Just Like an Aborigine (S)
The Miracles – Ooh Baby Baby (live in Paris) (D)
The Stooges – TV Eye (S)
Springwell – It’s for You (D)
Protomartyr – Cartier EGS (S)
Dee Edwards – Oh What a Party (D)
The Oscillating Fan Club – Waiting for the Bells (S)
Ronnie Love – Detroit, Michigan (D)
Conspiracy of Owls – Puzzle People (S)
Hard Lessons – Sound of Coming Down (D)
Pewter Cub – Black Music (S)
J.J. Barnes – I Ain’t Gonna Do It (D)
Conspiracy of Owls – A Silver Song (S)
The Royaltones – Our Faded Love (D)
Alice Cooper – Alma Mater (S)

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