September 11, 2012 with Matt Smith

Matt Smith made a welcome return to the forest, bringing yet more rare gems and accompanying musical tales. He also played a beautiful solo acoustic set, with a special appearance by former Outrageous Cherry bandmate and Tuesday night bartender and co-host Carey Gustafson on harmonies.  You can listen to the first half of Matt’s DJ set below as well as his solo set.

Dave Lawson (D) and Matt Smith (M)

Warren Lee – Star Revue (D)

Mott the Hoople – I Can Feel (M)

Jimmy Rick and Lavern Baker – You’re the Boss (D)
Eno – Golden Hours (M)
Lou Reed – Street Hassle (D)
Roderick Falconer – Time Will Tell (M)
Wildweeds – Someday Morning (D)
The Gants – My Baby Don’t Care (M)
The Drifters – In the Land of Make Believe (D) (RIP Hal David)
Phantom – Black Magic, White Magic (M)
The Hit Pack – Never Say No to Your Baby (D)
Marbles – Red Lights (M)
Carole King – Pleasant Valley Sunday (D)
The Free Design – Make the Madness Stop (M)
The Kickstand Band – Still Thinking of You Tonight (D)
Kevin Ayers – Observations (M)
James Ray – If You Got to Make a Fool of Somebody (D)
Spirit – Poor Richard (M)
Aaron Neville – Hercules (D)
Dennis Brown – Silver Words (M)
The Holidays – Watch Out Girl (D)
Phil Manzanera – Diamond Head (M) Caetano Veloso – Escapulanio (D)
Johnny Hallyday – Je Te Veux (M)
Terry Reid – Faith to Arise (D)
Blue Cheer – Fruit and Icebergs (M)
Sebadoh – Beauty of the Ride (D)
United States of America – The Garden of Earthly Delights (M)
McGuire Sisters – Banana Split (D) (RIP Dorothy McGuire)


 Suicide – Dream Baby Dream (M)

ELO – From the End of the World (D)
Hawkind – Motorhead (M)
Weezer – You Gave Your Love to Me Softly (D)

Kim Fowley – Save Your Love for a Raidy Day (M)

Mary Wells – Drop in the Bucket (D)

New Colony Six – I Love You So Much (M)
Mynah Birds – It’s My Time (D)

Television – Marquee Moon (M)

[MATT SMITH ACOUSTIC SET -recorded separately]

(unfortunately due to the batteries in the recorder dying, at this point the recording stops!)

 Brian Protheroe – Pinball (M)Ty Hunter and the Voicemasters – Free (D)
The Troggs – Queen of Sorrow (M)
JJ Barnes – Poor Unfortunate Me (D)
Genesis – In the Beginning (M)
Mel Torme – Right Now (D)
White Noise – Firebird (M)
The Shirelles – It’s Love that Really Counts (D) (RIP Hal David)
The Pips – Room in Your Heart (D)
Nirvana – Rainbow Chapel (M)
Nina Simone – Why Must Your Love Well Be So Dry (D)
Kris Peterson – Mam’s Little Baby (M)

Jessie Hill – Just a Little Guy (D)
The Rationals – I Need You (M)
Carole King – He’s a Bad Boy (D)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Stones of Years (M)
R. Dean Taylor – Gotta See Jane (D)
Grand Funk Railroad – Paranoid (M)
Sea and Cake – There You Are (D)
Caravan – In the Land of Grey and Pink (M)
Pavement – Give It a Day (D)
The Choir – It’s Cold Outside (M)
Al Anderson – We’ll Make Love (D)
Das – I’m Just a Rollin’ Stone (M)
Eddie Kendricks – Date with the Rain (D)
Le Dusseldorf – Dusseldorf (M)
5 Stairsteps – Danger! She’s a Stranger (D)
Twink – Tiptoe on the Highest Hill (M)
Marvelettes – Strange I Know (D)
The Cables – What Kind of World (M)
Jimmie Rodgers – In the Jailhouse Now No. 2 (D)
T Rex – Salamanda Palaganda (M)
Leo Sayer – Train (D)
Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express (M)
Colin Blunstone – Smokey Day (D)
Red Foley – Goodnight Irene (D)

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