November 3, 2015 with Mathias Matthew (Dead Air)

deadairFirst-time guest Mathias Matthew (aka Dead Air) joined me for a wide ranging night of jazz, R&B, bubblegum and funk.


TUESDAY IN THE FOREST – November 3, 2015
Dave Lawson (DL) and Mathias Matthew (M)

Odetta – Baby I’m in the Mood for You (D)
Dr. Walker – Monkey Jump (M)
Grady Martin – The Fuzz (D)
DDBMT – Bend It (M)
Giorgio – Moody Trudy (D)
Phil Upchurch – Electrik Head (M)
The Heart Touchers – Holy Ghost (D)
Roland Kirk – Domino (M)
The Moog Machine – Time of the Season (D)
Mile Davis – Red China Blues (M)
Chocolate Milk – Girl Callin’ (D)
Isley Brothers – Keep on Doin’ (M)
Isley Brothers – Testify (1 and 2 – 70s remix) (D)
Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison – Half and Half (M)
Earth, Wind and Fire – That’s the Way of the World (D)
Temptations – Say You (M)
Barrett Strong – Make Up Your Mind (D)
Howlin’ Wolf – How Many More Years (M)
The “5” Royales – They Don’t Know (D)
Louis Prima and Keely Smith – I’m in the Mood Medley (M)
Mae Smith – You’ve Got to See Mama Every Night (D)
Artie Shaw – Nightmare (M)
Tommy Navarro and the Sundialers – Summertime (D)
David Bowie – She Shook Me Cold (M)
The Zombies – Girl Help Me (D)
James Brown – Popcorn with Feeling (M)
Tom Ze – Solidao (D)
Gospel Three – Jesus Sure Changed Me (M)
John Hartford – Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie (D)
Frank Zappa – Gumbo Variations (M)
Mose Allison – Parchman Farm (D)
Nancy Sinatra – Friday’s Child (M)
Richard Berry – Sweet Sugar You (D)
Carl Carlton – Two Timer (M)
Fabulous Denos – Once I Had a Love (D)
Sly and the Family Stone – Just Like a Baby (M)
Esther Phillips – Home Is Where the Hatred Is (D)
Gary Bartz – Sing Me a Song Today (M)
The Vibrations – Love In Them there Hills (D)
The Esquires – How Was I to Know (M)
The Shirelles – Dooms Day (D)
Chambers Brothers – All Strung out Over You (M)
Mickey and Sylvia – No Good Lover (D)
Todd Rundgren – Bleeding (M)
Pat Lewis – Look at What I Almost Missed (D)
Brother Jack McDuff – Wade in the Water (M)
Louis Prima and Sam Butera – Fever (D)
Persuasions – Searchin’ for My Baby (M)
Danny Cobb – My Isabella (D)
Chambers Brothers – Do Your Thing (M)
Slim Harpo – Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-No (D)
Lotti Golden – Who Are Your Friends (M)
Stacy Johnson – Remove My Doubts (D)
Joy of Cooking – Hush (M)
Dr. Feelgood and the Interns – Blang Dong (D)
Five Blind Boys – Rolling Thunder (M)
Dixie Hummingbirds – The Inner Man (D)
Howlin’ Wolf – Do the Do (M)
Malcolm Dodds and the Tunedrops – Can’t You See (I’m in Love with You) (D)
Blue Mountain Eagle – Love Is Here (M)
The Gestures – Run Run Run (D)
The Hourglass – Norwegian Wood (M)
George Harrison – Deep Blue (D)
Frank Zappa – Willie the Pimp (M)
The Meters – (The World Is a Little Bit Under the Weather) Doodle-Oop (D)
James Brown – I’m Shook (M)
Bobby Byrd – Keep on Doing What You’re Doing (D)
Joy of Cooking – Don’t the Moon Look Fat and Lonesome (M)
Cleo Brown – Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (D)
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Sail On (M)
Bob Dylan and the Band – Million Dollar Bash (D)
The Dezurik Sisters – Arizona Yoddler (M)
Elton Britt – The Skater’s Yodel (D)
The Brothers Four – Wish I Was in Bowling Green (M)
Lord Flea – Calypso Be Bop (D)
Olatunji – Dakun (M)
Louis Jordan – Early in the Morning (D)
Ramsey Lewis – If Loving You Is Wrong (M)
Angelo Badalamenti – Dance of the Dream Man (D)
Roy Haynes Quartet – Ravol (M)
Nina Simone – Sinnerman (D)
Frank Zappa – Apostrophe (M)
Milton Nascimento – Hoje e Dia De El-Ray (D)
Chet Atkins – Blue Echo (D)
The Music Machine – Come on In (D)
The Specials – Ghost Town (D)
Brother Joe May – Going Home (D)

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